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Sugar Land Deep Tissue Massage:

Deep tissue massage helps heal damaged muscles and is very beneficial to sufferers of chronic muscle tension. It is also used as alternative treatment for Parkinson's disease.

Stressed muscles block oxygen and nutrients, which leads to inflammation and build up of toxin in the muscle tissue. Deep tissue massage releases the deeply held patterns of chronic tension, breaks up or eliminates scar tissue, releases toxins and soothes the affected muscle or muscle group.

Deep tissue massage

When Karen gives a deep tissue massage, she normally focuses on the specific problem area such as a joint, muscle or muscle group, accessing the deeper layers of soft and connective tissue. She starts slowly, gradually working deeper into the tissue. If pressure is applied to quickly, it could cause the muscle to tighten, protecting the area of pain or injury. Slow strokes are used to start, and then deep finger pressure on the contracted areas, going across the grain of of the muscle fibers, tendons and fascia.

Some slight soreness is to be expected after a deep tissue massage but it normally only lasts for a short time. As toxins are released during the deep tissue massage, it is recommended to drink plenty of water to help flush these from the system.

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